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Machine park

Welcome to the „Machine park” section.

We are proud of having a modern and versatile machine park that allows us to meet the needs of our customers.

Our machinery includes technologically advanced lathes which constitute the heart of the machining department. CNC lathes are characterized by high precision and efficiency in processing. Our machines are equipped with modern control systems which guarantees the highest quality and accuracy of workmanship.

Another advantage of lathes is the ability to mill.

Thanks to this function, we are able to make complex details with high precision. We make sure that our machinery is regularly serviced and modernized. Thanks to this we can offer services at the highest technological level.

Our team consists of experienced operators and technicians who constantly improve their skills to meet even the most demanding orders.

We have an advanced welding machine for welding threaded pins – the KOCO model. We are able to ensure exceptional durability and strength of threaded connections, which is essential in creating durable structures.